• Exhibition Past Futures of M4H in Keilepand

    October 24th, 2020

    The exhibition : Past futures of M4H; a representation of 100 years of transition from Merwe-Vierhavens, is on show until end of November in the Keilepand. This intriguing retrospective of 100 years of M4H shows the transformation of the Merwe-Vierhaven in Rotterdam on the basis of various photos and film fragments. It is the result of a lengthy quest for historical imagery and shows a fascinating overview of the different stages the ports have been in and where they have had to reinvent and define themselves again and again. A true inspiration for all lovers of harbor-history and everyone who is involved in the transformation that the area faces again!

    Due to the corona measures, the exhibition can only be visited in small groups and by appointment, via keilecollectief@gmail.com 

  • Interview Monica Adams in Inside (M4H)

    September 21st, 2020

    Monica Adams has been interviewed for Inside's launch as one of the Makers of M4H I Makers District. The past years she has been active as co-ordinator and driver of the KeileCollectief, and committed to activating and programming the Keilepand.

    The Keilepand in M4H in Rotterdam is a building and area where work is being done on the city of the future. City, working, living and culture and professional disciplines come together and there is exchange, inspiration and meeting in a building of 15,000 m2 with 17 companies, 120 employees and tens of thousands of visitors. studioADAMS is very happy to have their workspace in this inspiring environment!

    Photo: © Sandra Koning



  • Transformation Office Keilepand well on it's way

    May 14th, 2020

    Whilst many of us work from home these days, the transformation of the Keilepand continues steadily. The new office of the IABR is completed and is now prepared for occupation, the new KeileZaal soon will be ready for the final paint-job, and the new office spaces on the ground floor adjacent to the central hall are being build. See this super fun vlog from Harald van der Sluys Veer (KeileContemporary) about the progress of our officebuilding. Keep an eye on the KeileCollectief's Instagram account for regular updates about the renovation! Click here to see Harald's vlog!

  • Public Playground on MOOOL, March 27 2020

    March 2020

    Almost 13 years after Public Playground was realised, it is still surprisingly topical. Design your (school)yard together with the children, teachers and local residents, and get involved in the various activities that are desired at different times of the day. In current times challenges to move, but also opportunities to rest and meditate, are superimportant. The Public Playground study examines these different play- and game forms. If you are interested in further details, let us know! See the publication Mooool through this link: Public Playground, Rotterdam

  • AANKEILEN! Save the date Februari 2020

    February 2020

    February 2020 we start again with a new series of AANKEILEN! This time the theme is: FOOD. During four Thursday-nights we look at the theme from different perspectives and link it to the actuality of the M4H-area in Rotterdam: What can Food mean in the transition from M4H to a vibrant and sustainable urban district of the future? Everyone welcome, nice to see you there!

    Evening 1 (6-2): Food as a basis for connections, Evening 2 (13-2): Regional food chain, Evening 1 (20-2): Spatial Exploration of Food, Evening 1 (27-2): Circular business models. Eventbrite links will shortly put on line. Also check out Facebook and LinkedIn from KeileCollectief for regular updates.


  • Fire Station Doetichem in 10th anniversary of ARCHIPENDIUM Calender 2020


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