• location: Zwolle (Show on map)
  • program: 3600 m2 Primary school, Day care center and After school care
  • client: Openbaar Onderwijs Zwolle
  • design: 2006 - 2007
  • completed: 2010
  • design team: Bekkering Adams architecten: Monica Adams, Juliette Bekkering, Amarinske Douma, Marcel Baake, Vincent Hector, Sebastian Machleb, Lucas Heiniger, Mark Nooteboom, Gerard Heerink, Marije van Es, Marlies Quack (renderings), photos by Digidaan


The primary school 'De Schatkamer' is located in the Stadshagen district in Zwolle, and is surround by the Belvederelaan, the Wildwalstraat and a railway track. There is a series of magnificent oak trees on the site. The building follows the contours of the land in a kind of bow shape, so that the historic oak trees could be kept. 

The program consists of a primary school in two layers for approx. 500 pupils. The school is set up according to the educational concept for a new way of education, called ‘Natural learning’. Also located in the building is a children's centre with nursery, kindergarten and after school care on the ground floor.

The school is divided into 5 units, surrounding a central hall. The huge stairs in the central hall can also function as a theatre. Several special functions are located around the hall, such as kitchen, playroom and meeting rooms, so that the space can be used in many different ways, forming the beating heart of the school. Roof lights and windows ensure that the hall is filled with light. Through the adjacent rooms, the surroundings can be seen, and specifically the view of the majestic oak trees brings nature into the building. 

From the central hall, all units can be reached, and views through the hall ensure a spatial and transparent appearance. The units each have a quiet area with computer workstations and areas for quiet work and a busy area where a workshop space, atelier and childrens cafe are located. The ambiguous form of the building and the orientation within the building ensures each unit has its own quality and identity, which is further reinforced by differentiation in material and color.

Every unit has it’s own colour scheme with bright fresh colours, which gives each space its own character and identity. Specially designed interior elements are incorporated in the building, for sitting, playing and storage. Low windows make it possible for even the smallest children to have a custom-made view through the building, a glance through their learning landscape.


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