• location: Haarlem (Show on map)
  • program: Exhibition Design - Display Cabinet
  • client: ABC Architectuurcentrum Haarlem
  • design: 2005
  • design team: Bekkering Adams architecten: Monica Adams, Juliette Bekkering, Sander van Schaik Cabinet production: Fomo productions


The exhibition ' Women.NL’ featured the work of four female architects, among which the work of Bekkering Adams architecten. The general idea behind the exhibition design was to make a display that is an architectural design in itself.

The display is treated as a 'secret cabinet'. One side is closed, and features a plasma-screen with an ongoing digital presentation of the design and the projects. The other side is open, and exposes architectural models of some of the projects of the office. The cabinet itself is like an object: it is an abstraction of the (paper) design for the 'Kamer van Koophandel". As such, the cabinet is a model in itself.

The cabinet was positioned in such a way that the closed side faces the entrance, showing visitors the video presentation while entering the exhibition space. In this way the cabinet display does not reveal it selves right away, but seduces the visitor to explore her secrets.


  • Woman NL Architects, in Bauwelt 2005 nr 44, November 2005

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  • Free as a bird : Women NL architects on ArchiNed, October 2005

  • Women NL Architects on Volkskrant, October 2005

  • Women NL Architects on ABC Architectuur Haarlem, October 2005

  • Expositie Women NL architects on architectenweb, October 2005

  • Bekkering Adams Architecten Rotterdam, Krachtige Sculpturaliteit, in Bouw nr 6, June 2005

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