• location: Palazzo Mora, Venice, Italy (Show on map)
  • program: Installation Exhibition
  • client: GAA Foundation/Stimulerings Fonds Creatieve Industrie
  • design: 2014
  • completed: 2014
  • design team: Bekkering Adams architecten: Monica Adams, Juliette Bekkering, Frank de Vleeschhouwer, Stefania Masuino, Perry Klootwijk, Luisa Viero, Pamela Berhitoe, photos by Jeroen Musch

Watch the two movies below about the installation FUNDAMENTALS: Form/ContraForm at Palazzo Mora:

Short version: walking through the installation

Longer version: including explanation by the architects

Bekkering Adams took part in the Architecture Biennale of Venice 2014, curated by Rem Koolhaas. For this occasion an installation has been developed, which was be exhibited in Palazzo Mora, Strada Nova 3659, Cannaregio Venice.

The installation FUNDAMENTALS : Form/ContraForm puts the definition and perception of space and infinity on center stage. The intention is to create an experience that is not only shaped by the physical boundaries of space, but is extended beyond the physical.

Within the exhibition space, a homogeneous volume of 2.4 * 2.4 m is defined. It is formed by round objects hanging from wires and can be accessed by the visitors. The cube defines a mass within the room; within the cube a cavity is created in which visitors can enter. The objects do not fill the whole space between floor and ceiling, thus creating the effect of a floating form. Through light projections the objects are highlighted so that an endless reflection and projection arises. When the visitors stand inside the cavity, wrapped in a cloud of small hanging objects, they will experience the boundary as well as the perception of the endlessness of space.

The cavity is enveloped, but - due to reflections- also the perception of an infinitive space is created. The reflective surfaces offer a view into a space that does not exist, suggesting unexpected new vistas. With light projections, the perception of the cube is influenced. The light projections change the cavity’s color, shape and size, thus offering a different appearance each time. From the outside the cavity can be seen as a changing illuminated shape between the light reflections of the cube. On the wall samples of architectural work of Bekkering Adams architects are shown -expressive architecture with a tactile expression of material and detail- relating to the idea of Form/ContraForm.

The essence of FUNDAMENTALS is space. Where once the infinite space had to be clearly defined in order to be understood, current technology and globalization have abolished the perception of 'infinity'. Our space is no longer infinite, our resources are no longer limitless, our earth is no longer endless. The disappearance of the 'infinity' is illustrated by projections relating to the blurring boundaries of endlessness.

For the Biennale 2014 the office works together with Beersnielsen lighting designers in Rotterdam and structural engineers ABT in Velp/Delft. We feel that this partnership presents an excellent opportunity to introduce an extra dimension and that experimenting with light and reflections will bring us new opportunities in the development of the work.

The design has been made possible through the support of the Grant Programme Internationalization of the Stimulerings Fonds Creatieve Industrie.


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